Electric-Fiesta Presents First EDM Drive-In Music Festival

Posted by Mirakle M. on 6/8/2020 to DLK Soulful EDM
Electric-Fiesta Presents First EDM Drive-In Music Festival

A Multi-Genre Dance Music Experience

The shift the world is experiencing is seemingly affecting everything from the most reserved individual to the loudest and most sought after events. If you're a music lover like us, then you understand the recent pains of seeing your favorite artists announce the cancellations of or postponing different concerts and live performances in observance of what is happening. It is no secret that performers are going to have to get creative when it comes to how we put together significantly large events, to prevent any unwanted future risks. Fortunately, we are a nation of innovators, and if the world must change, then we are just going to have to transition right along with it.

Electric-Fiesta, a local organization in San Antonio, Texas, took the reigns on this new adventure by following Germany's EDM drive-in trend almost 5,000 miles away. This type of event allows music fans to experience the rave feels while staying socially distant in their cars. The festival is said to be a full-on production featuring many of today's EDM artists and entertainers. Every vehicle will be spaced out by a specific amount while facing the stage. The EDM Drive-In will only be allowed between 300 and 350 cars at a time to ensure a controlled and safe environment.

SOURCE: EDM Drive-In Music Festival Official Website

Headliners: Tritonal (Friday) & Cosmic Gate (Saturday)

The EDM Drive-In Music Festival will be a two-night event beginning from 7 PM to midnight Friday, June 26, and Saturday, June 27th. This event will be San Antonio's first EDM drive-in experience taking place on the grounds at the Freeman Coliseum. On June 6th, it was announced on the official Instagram page the daily headliners. Tritonal, who will be Friday's headliner, just last month released their 4th 2020 single "Born Yesterday" on their record label, Enhanced Music as well as, Grammy Nominated, Cosmic Gate, who will be taking the stage on Saturday.

The Electric-Fiesta team will also be partnering with local entertainment charity, Aueda, to raise money and exposure for entertainers who have been affected by the pandemic. The organization will use the donations to support the Rey Feo Education Scholarship for local high school seniors and the Whet Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund, which benefits the local community through local grants.

Early bird tickets are on sale right now, and for those who aren't able to make it, a livestream will be active and available. For more information on ticket pricing, artist lineup announcements, the site map, and safety procedures, you can visit EDM Drive-In.